Why Less is More in Digital Marketing (the 80/20 Rule)

How is your GDPR prep going? With only 2 weeks to go until the 25th May deadline….
  • You’ve probably had (or sent) a flurry of “Do you still want to be on my list” or “please unsubscribe” emails
  •  Updated your privacy policy
  •  Checked that your ad campaigns (and custom audiences) and website forms, are GDPR compliant?
  •  Updated all your ClickFunnels and LeadPages funnels?
This is the big one for me as I have so many lead magnets and content upgrades.
What to do? I’ve decided to strip everything out and start again. Which means checking every blog post, web page and email automation. Urgghh.
I’ve got some exciting announcements to make soon on the direction MMSpark is taking and how we can better serve you – cleaning up our offerings to laser focus on key clients and strategies is the first step and it’s EXCITING!
This is why LESS IS MORE in Digital Marketing.
It’s like shedding your skin, and cutting out the fat.
It’s time to focus on the 20% of strategies that generate 80% of your results [and the 20% of clients that generate 80% of your income]
Just think of the potential if you strip out all the fluff and focus on the 20%. What could that mean for your business?
Take a moment and really think about the impact of applying the “less is more in digital marketing, 80/20 rule”.
Hop on over to the Modern Marketing Club (my free Facebook group) and let me know how this could impact your business, and your results!
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Cassie Hicks

Modern Marketing Spark is your Digital Marketing Partner. We provide a holistic approach to Social Media and Digital Marketing ensuring your achieve your business goals using modern marketing strategies. We also offer training and support through our Facebook group, The Modern Marketing Club (http://facebook.com/groups/modernmarketingclub)