The big question of the moment is What’s Working in Social Media Today?

You may have heard that Wetherspoons (a big pub/restaurant chain in the UK) recently deleted all 900 of its Social Media accounts. It’s interesting that a year ago they also deleted their entire customer database too! They’re going to rely on their website and customer referrals instead. The jury is out on whether this is a good idea or business suicide (see an interesting discussion on this here). 

So, is Facebook marketing dead? 

Should we give up on Social Media? 

What should we do instead? 

Those juicy questions were the topic of this week’s Facebook Live (join me every Tuesday at 2.30pm UK, 9.30am EST on the Modern Marketing Spark FB page for my weekly FB Lives on a hot Social Media topic)


FB LIVE REPLAY – What’s working in Social Media today?

?Why the old strategies don’t work any more
?What you should be doing instead
?Being authentic but efficient
?Are you positioned for success? The 9 drivers for success…


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