Want to fast-track your results?

In this intense half-day session we’ll cover all the key pillars of your online marketing and leave you prepared for rapid results in the next 3-6 months.

I’ll spend time getting into the detail of your business and marketing before we meet and studying the Modern Marketing Questionnaire that you’ll be asked to complete. On the day we’ll map out your strategy and the key elements and action items you’ll need to achieve your goals.

We meet in the fabulous ambience that is Luton Hoo, where you’ll be treated to a 5* lunch, and 100% focus on you, your business and how you’ll achieve your business goals. All the worksheets, templates and scripts you need are provided, and we’ll arrange a follow-up call, usually 2-3 weeks after we meet. You also have access to me for a month after the session to answer any questions that might arise as you work through your plan.

Get ready for an intense but very powerful day that will supercharge your marketing and fast-track your results

What they say:

Pippa Hutchinson

"I approached Cassie to help me navigate the digital landscape as I felt that my knowledge was too sketchy to be effective. In a fantastically focused (and very well prepared on Cassie's part), mastermind session, Cassie and I drilled down on a number of key areas and

I left the workshop equipped with a toolkit to use straightaway. Cassie has a great training style, pacey and focused but patient and insightful. My mastermind session with her has allowed me to really accelerate my marketing approach - it was worth every penny! Thanks Cassie!" Pippa Hutchinson, Charlie and Custard, Berkhamsted.

What a breakthrough! It’s been amazing. With your guidance and inspiration I’ve learnt so much including copywriting which was half the battle, outsourcing, new themes and icons which has made clean design so much easier.

In terms of lead generation I’ve learnt so much and can apply what I’ve learnt for my other businesses. Facebook is now sorted out, including design, images, and advertising. Had only done boosted post before. You don’t know what you don’t know – it was so frustrating but working with you has unlocked the door. Sometimes it’s just getting started and it’s easier when things are less of a complete mystery. I’ve found it hugely valuable and enjoyable – John Waine, Fair Property Company.

Great teachers aspire to seeing a ‘light bulb’ moment in their pupils – when they suddenly ‘get it’.

I had always recognised the importance of digital marketing. Being an amateur coder of old, I knew I could do this stuff. But I was overwhelmed by the vast array of routes to customers through Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc etc etc With overwhelm came lack of action – and frustration.

I just could not find my entry point into this vast but business-critical subject.

John Waine

Cassie provided that entry point with her patient, knowledgeable and supportive guidance. I had previously thought that ‘I knew what I didn’t know’. However, Cassie not only showed me how to work with the tools I was aware of, but also introduced me to incredibly valuable methods and hacks that were a revelation to me.

Any business needs great marketing. A marketing strategy needs a great digital campaign. To run a great digital marketing campaign needs awareness of how to use the technology to attract and talk to your customers.

Cassie understands technology and customers.

If your business isn’t getting great results from digital marketing, then you probably need someone like Cassie.

Thank you for my ‘light bulb’ moments, Cassie!



Andy McCallum

Andy McCullum, Property Investor and Basingstoke PIN Host
We started our journey with Cassie as luddites when it comes to social media after seeing her social media PIN presentation. Cassie has helped us understand it and what it can do as well putting together a website to help us establish credibility. We now have a marketing plan which will help us going forward as PIN hosts and as property investors and developers. It was a pleasure working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to step up their social media game.




Our work together: The goal of our work will be to get you to a place where your business runs like a well-oiled machine, and you are consistently generating new leads and opportunities for your business.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring allows you to benefit from the thoughts and experiences of an expert who has been where you are and done what you’re trying to achieve.

Together we develop your business.

Any decisions should be made by you and are entirely your responsibility.

It is not possible to guarantee certain results from mentoring as every business operates under specific circumstances.

Mentoring is always confidential. Anything you share in a session, between sessions, spoken or written, will be between you and your mentor.

Payment: Mentoring must be paid in advance and we will invoice you prior to the session.

Cancellation: Please give 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a session. A £25 charge will be made for sessions cancelled or postponed without 48 hours notice.

VIP Intensive Day £1,000+Vat or Half-Day £497+Vat
*includes website review and social media audit*