If we’ve connected recently (offline or online) you’ll know that video marketing is a key part of my marketing strategy. It’s hard to ignore and what’s exciting is that it’s relatively new and there is very little competition.

Consider that you can get clicks to your videos for as little as $0.02 (yes, 2 cents!) as opposed to $0.20-$.40 from Facebook ads and you start to see the potential of this rapidly-growing medium. In terms of building know – like -trust, video trumps text and images every time. You can instantly connect with someone on video and decide whether their ethos resonates with yours.

With YouTube being the second largest search engine after Google (and part of Google) you can also see how video can impact your search results and help your business get found online. It’s so powerful. And it’s free!

At MMSpark I like to learn, test, refine and share new strategies that work with my business owner/entrepreneur community. So, this post is the first in a new series to help you get started with video marketing.

My next post will cover how to set up your YouTube channel (your “home” on YouTube”) and that’s before we even start talking about the videos themselves!

Video Marketing: Why Subscribers Matter

  • Subscribers tend to watch twice as much video compared to users who don’t subscribe.
  • Subscribers are your community, your followers, your YouTube “mailing list”.
  • When you post a new video it’s your subscribers who will watch your video first.
  • Subscribers are your raving fans


Here’s a great video from YouTube’s Creator Academy training

Are you ready to give video marketing a go?