Are your numbers real or Vanity Metrics?

Looking at the numbers – and realising how much my business has evolved over the past four years – I realised there was a lot of dead wood on my email list.

It’s what’s known as “vanity metrics” – because you feel good telling people you have “thousands of subscribers” on your list – but actually if a large percentage of them are not your ideal client, or are not engaging with you in any way, shape or form then it’s time to part company.

Your list, your #1 asset, should be an active and engaged group. It doesn’t mean they are all going to become customers but they must fit the profile of your ideal customer for at least some of your services and programs. Otherwise you’re wasting your time and marketing dollars (paying to host a larger list size than you actually need – or creating content and programs that aren’t of interest).

So I’ve had a purge and deleted two thirds of my mailing list. Just like decluttering – or cleaning out your inbox – it feels good!

TIP OF THE DAY –> When did you last clean up your email list?

Who to remove? 

You’ll need the help of software here to automatically identify and flag up inactive subscribers. I love and recommend ActiveCampaign and use their “Engaged/Disengaged” automation to tell me who is not active any more. activecampaign automation

You can set the parameters so if someone has not met certain criteria (opened an email, clicked a link, visited a page) for a certain time period they are flagged as “Disengaged”. Once they take an action (any action) they are then flagged as “Engaged” again and put back in the “engaged” sequence, and removed from the disengaged sequence. I give people 3 months and if they haven’t engaged in that time, they’re deleted.