Upper Limit Problems?

Upper Limit Problem? (as coined by Gay Hendricks in the Big Leap – a recommended read btw!)

Do you ever feel stuck in your business or wonder why things keep going wrong?

I used to feel the same until I discovered the Upper Limit Problem. Then all my procrastination, self-sabotage and things mysteriously going wrong all of a sudden started to make sense.

You know that feeling when you know what you have to do, you’ve got your day planned out. You know your priorities and “important” goals. But for some reason you while away the day.

Sorting your sock drawer and opening your post become all consuming.

You waste time on Social Media and watching videos you didn’t know you were even interested in.

And time flies by while that big important task stays untouched.

The good news is – there’s a reason this happens.
And it’s fixable!

Watch this week’s Facebook Live* for the skinny. You’ll understand what causes this problem, why it’s important to recognise it, and how to fix it so you can move on. And move your business (and profits) upwards.

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