Social Media Trends for 2019 – Watch the Video below – or if you prefer, here are the highlights…

Here’s what you need to look out for next year (and start planning for now)

Instagram is growing VERY fast (over 1 billion active users) and over 500M using stories already


Video continues to be massive and viewer time on Social Media will shortly overtake TV viewership

Important to understand the different viewing types

Discovery – people scrolling and looking for interesting, entertaining, educational content to watch (this is important in step 1 of the 3 step framework I teach in Social Media Accelerator, which is to attract attention)

Intent  – people searching for information, which might include people in your community looking for more from you. Videos tends to be longer (this feeds into the second step of my 3 step framework which is about engagement and connection)

IGTV – the jury’s out on this at the moment but I would definitely keep an eye on this – make sure you’re a member of my free Facebook Community the Modern Marketing Club for updates. Don’t forget IGTV videos are vertical so you can’t easily  reshare horizontal videos (e.g. from YouTube) easily – we’re using square format as a compromise at the moment.

Facebook have launched some new video tools, including new metrics to track the value of your viewers, and a video creation kit which is a great tool for business videos.

Live Video continues to trump recorded video. I’ll be talking about why this is such a popular and effective marketing strategy on my upcoming masterclass. REGISTER HERE


You’ll need to be much more strategic and create compelling content. Not blast out one piece of content across multiple platforms and expect people to engage

Get more strategic with your content. It’s better to post less, higher quality posts than blast out low quality content using scheduling tools.

Document more than you create (which feeds into the stories trend)

What’s your expert platform? Which community do you want to make your main Social Media hub? Because it doesn’t work to spread yourself too thin and try to market your business across all the platforms. For example, Facebook rewards meaningful interaction and so does Instagram. It’s about engagement and value and connection, which is hard to do if you’re on multiple platforms.

Hashtags – how you use hashtags is starting to change and we’ll see the impact of that in 2019. As with content you’ll need to research and use hashtags more strategically. Join me in the Modern Marketing Club for updates.


It’s easy to share stories but should you start with Facebook stories or Instagram stories? Which will have the most impact on 2019? I’ve heard arguments for both platforms…….stay tuned in the Modern Marketing Club for updates. Either way stories is This is one of the hottest trends for 2019.


Another hot trend for 2019, Facebook is predicting that email will disappear in the next 3-5 years to be replaced by messenger, whatsapp and snapchat. All of these tools are being used by businesses, they’re not just for teenagers any more. Watch this space for our Facebook Messenger training.

Facebook and Instagram ads

The ads manager continues to evolve and Facebook have added a values based targeting tool for lookalike audiences. We’ll see a lot more tools, including for video ads and video ad tools, and ads in stories and groups.

The Social Media world is moving fast! But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. If you’re serious about using FB and IG to find your dream clients, grow your community, build your mailing list, and turn followers into fans, join me for my new masterclass. REGISTER HERE 

You’ll learn more about these hot trends as well as my 3-step framework to grow and monetise your Social Media, and my TWO big secret weapon strategies. Let’s future proof your business in 2019.