So you want more clients and sales, and to turn your Social Media Followers into Paying Customers?

You’re running a business (check), serving clients (check) and marketing your business on Social Media (check). But somehow the effort you’re putting in isn’t bringing the clients and sales you deserve.

Why are you even wasting your time creating content for Social Media when most of your leads and clients come from referrals, word of mouth or networking?

That’s the situation Kirstin was in when we first worked together. She went from being “disconnected” from Social Media because she was fed up having to constantly feed it (and too busy to figure out why it wasn’t working) to 4X her sales with one strategy. Read Kirstin’s Case Study.


The truth is you CAN grow your business with Social Media. You can generate all the leads and clients you can dream of AND build your mailing list, your community and your cashflow. [Want the highlights? Watch this recent Facebook Live on how to increase your presence on Social Media to get more clients and sales].

But you need a plan tailored for your business, with ONE key strategy that works for you (and ignore the guru’s who are telling you to use *their* strategy – it worked for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for you).

turn followers into paying customersAfter 10+ years online and 7 years running a multi-award winning Social Media agency, I’ve identified 3 key steps that take you from confused to confident on Social Media. These are the steps I use in my business, and that we’ve used to generate leads and sales for thousands of clients over the past 7+ years.

Regardless of which Social Media platform you’re using, every successful marketing system has three core pillars:

  1. Attract leads and prospects
  2. Build your online audience
  3. Convert prospects into paying clients.

Are you ready? Let’s jump in….


Attract is how we get noticed and get our potential customers to connect with us. We generate leads and warm them up to the point where they’re an 8, 9, or 10 in terms of how likely they are to sign up as a client. You position yourself for success (because it’s not about selling services, it’s about selling YOU, your vision, connection and trust). Read the Case Study on how we rescued an almost dead Facebook page


Connecting is critical to growing your audience online. It’s not enough to create a profile, share a bit of content and then expect people to come flocking when you sell your wares. The algorithm rewards connection, which is why you see much better results once you’ve got momentum and engagement on your page or in your groups.

With my Energetic Marketing hat on, this is also the stage where you’re connecting with the hearts, as well as the minds, of potential clients. And encouraging them to put their hand up if they’re interested in taking the next step with you.


Convert is where we turn followers and fans into clients, and how we go from cold prospect to raving hot customer. By now you’ve earned the right to sell, and you can put your offers in front of your warm audience. You can use free or paid strategies and, if you’re ready to scale up, automate your lead flow to create a pipeline of potential clients. See the Case Study on how we created leads on autopilot for one client.

Looking at the 3 pillars, ask yourself:

  • What is my #1 strategy to ATTRACT the attention of potential clients?
  • What is the #1 way I’m going to GROW MY AUDIENCE ONLINE?


The secret sauce? Actually it’s two things :-

    1. Underpinning your core Social Media strategy is your MINDSET and ENERGY. I can tell you that if your mindset or energy are out of whack, the best marketing strategy in the world won’t save you. When you work WITH your personal energy (known as Energetic Marketing) your marketing and sales become much easier, more authentic, more powerful, and dare I say it, fun!
    2. The Power of Ones. I talk about this a lot because it’s so important. And yet, we ignore this simple advice and make our life much harder than it needs to be. The power of ones is about FOCUS (I find focusing on one core strategy for 90 Days is super powerful and not overwhelming). So find the ONE Social Media strategy that works for you, targeting ONE audience, with ONE clear message, and ONE irresistible offer. Read the Case Study Here.

Combine the 3 pillars with the secret sauce and you’ve got a winning combination.

So how do you implement these key steps and Turn Social Media Followers into Paying Customers?

You’ve got 2 options:

  1. Spend years (like I have) figuring it all out yourself, consuming free content and random tips and advice here and there. Watch hours of YouTube videos, read blogs, listen to podcasts, download all the lead magnets, and through trial and error you can piece it all together.
  2. If you want the fast-track and to avoid the common mistakes and get results quickly, you need a mentor. Someone who’s walked the path you’re on (but is further along), who can show you the quickest way to achieve the results you want (and deserve) and who can advise, guide and support you.

That’s why I’ve created the Social Media Accelerator – a 12 week group mentoring experience. I’ve spent years testing and trialling these things and speaking, training and serving thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners across a wide range of industries. I know what works, where to focus so you don’t waste time and money, and how to get results quickly using the best Social Media strategy for you.

In the program you’ll deep dive into the core strategies AND enjoy weekly mentoring calls, monthly masterclasses and a private Facebook community. It’s not about learning “just in case”, it’s about learning and DOING. And I’m here to support and guide you through the whole process. Turning you into a confident marketer who gets results.


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