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Power Up Your LinkedIn Marketing With This Handy Tool

Are you on LinkedIn, and using it effectively? If you’re a business owner you should be as LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business networking tools and one of the first places people will go to check out your credentials. Done right your LinkedIn profile can be one of your best online selling tools (check out our popular LinkedIn Lead Generation training  here)

I didn’t used to be a fan of LinkedIn but I’ve come to learn and appreciate its power. I’ve recently joined a LinkedIn Mastermind group and am now using some powerful new strategies that are already looking to revolutionise my business this year. Watch this space!

Why Use LinkedIn? 

One of the most powerful things about LinkedIn is its advanced search capability. And Google loves LinkedIn because it’s an “authority” site, meaning that your LinkedIn profile will often appear above your website, or other social media platforms in the search results. So make sure you take the time to optimise your LinkedIn profile

Expand Your Business Network

One of the best things you can do to expand your network is to connect with people you meet on LinkedIn. So rather than having a growing pile of business cards on your desk (I’ve been there too!), follow up by sending a LinkedIn connection request with a short personal message. Then you can stay in touch easily via LinkedIn.

Power Up Your LinkedIn Marketing

Since time is so precious I love finding handy tools that automate a lot of these manual tasks, and Rapportive is my latest discovery. It’s a chrome extension that works alongside Gmail so that when you send or receive an email from someone it tells you whether you’re connected on LinkedIn (and also other social media platforms, and Skype).

Here’s how it looks:

power up your linkedin marketing

So, as soon as you open your emails you can see:

  • IF you’re connected to someone
  • WHERE they’re based
  • Their LinkedIn summary
  • Their social media and Skype contact details
  • Any mutual LinkedIn connections


The beauty of this is that you can send a LinkedIn connection request from within your email, without even having to log into LinkedIn. And keep track of who you’ve invited. #Bam!


Rapportive is a free tool, very quick and easy to install via Chrome extensions. It’s a great way to build your LinkedIn network with quality contacts (people you are already in contact with), and quickly build rapport as you can see how you’re connected, and any mutual interests.

What’s your favourite LinkedIn Marketing Tool? I’d love  you to share on the Modern Marketing Spark Facebook Page 

If you’d like more in-depth, hands-on LinkedIn training – which I highly recommend as a very good investment in your business – click here for the training I recommend: “LinkedIn Influence”

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