Newsletters - Done For You & Training

How a professional newsletter can transform your marketing!

Our crack team includes a graphic designer, MailChimp & Aweber expert and an amazing copywriter and content creator. Together we can help you transform your marketing with a professional, eye-catching newsletter.

Why have a newsletter? 

  • Stay front of mind with your clients and prospects so it's you they call when they need your product or service
  • Don't be a SPAMMER! (if you're not using an email service you are not can-Spam compliant)
  • Build and strengthen relationships with your core market and prospects
  • Show the professional side of your business
  • Position your business as the go-to experts in your field
  • Promote your products and services
  • Drive traffic to your website, blog or special offers
  • Communicate regularly and become an authority

A few samples of our newsletters 

verulam_newsletter_swipe newsletter_sample_YPIP newsletter done for youredbourn_newsletter tlr_hemispheres_newsletter hemispheres_newsletter_top tlr_video_newsletter

Who are typical clients? 

Local businesses

Pregnancy Scanning Clinic (The Verulam Clinic, St. Albans)

Occupational Therapy clinic (Hemispheres, Guildford and other UK locations)

Your Partner In Property (property investors)

Redbourn Physiotherapy (Physiotherapists in Hertfordshire)

Property businesses

Local Pub/Restaurant

Car repair company

Letting Agents

What we offer

  • Template Design and set-up
  • Content creation
  • Researching and inclusion of popular content
  • We can source royalty-free images too
  • And videos
  • Links to social media and your website
  • And much more!


If you prefer to manage things in-house, we'll train you and your team to use your shiny new newsletter (or we are happy to do it for you) 

My promise to you

I will explain to you anything that you don’t fully understand, be there to offer guidance and support where and when you need it, and do my absolute best to save you and your business time and money.

To your online success!
Cassie Hicks Kerr
Social Media and Digital Strategist & Web Mentor