I’ve been asked a lot of questions about LinkedIn recently so thought I’d share some LinkedIn Tips. In particular how to post updates, how to check if your updates have been posted, and autoposting your updates to Twitter.

So, here in full pictorial splendour (because  picture paints a thousand words!) are some LinkedIn Quick Tips…

1. How to post an update on your LinkedIn profile.

Log in to LinkedIn, and click on “home”. The Share an update box will appear:

linkedin tips


#2 Enter your text and links in the box

#3 To add an image or document, click on the paperclick and select the file to attach

#4 To see just your updates (or check that they’re posting if autoposting from Hootsuite or with a WordPress plug-in)

2. Decide who you want to share your updates with:

  • Public + Twitter
  • Public
  • Connections

linkedin tips

3. If you want to share your updates with Twitter (and if you’re sharing good content, why not!), here’s how you adjust your Twitter settings:

1. Go to your LinkedIn settings (click on your photo in the top right hand corner of the black navigation bar)

Click on “Privacy and settings”….

linkedin tips

Now follow these easy steps to link (or update) your Twitter account:

linkedin tips

Now, when you post you can choose to tweet at the same time.

Have fun with this and do hop over to the MMSpark Facebook page or our G+ Community and let me know how you get on