how digital is your business

How Digital Is Your Business?

Yesterday was a real eye-opener for me. A nudge to wake up and look at my business in a different light. That’s the beauty of getting out of the office and working ON your business instead of IN your business. Spending time with inspirational people (both on and off the stage) is always really energising and motivating.

Shaa Wasmund, at her Freedom Formula event yesterday talked about how she’s taken her business to 80% digital over the past 3 years.

I realised that while my business has grown significantly over that time period I haven’t increased the percentage of our sales from digital enough proportionally. Aiming for a higher percentage of digital is the key to building a business that will give you the freedom and lifestyle you want, without having to work 24/7.


Digital is your online services, programs and courses.

Digital is where you unpack your knowledge and share your value and expertise through online programs, courses and services

Digital is hands-off, automated lead generation and sales


Digital is not a magic pill. Or a get rich quick button.

There is work involved in setting up your online course, program or services. It can be a steep learning curve working out your platform, getting the tech in place, and integrating all the moving parts.



Take a look at the income you generate through your business and work out how much of that is coming from digital products or services.

How often do you wake up and find new orders (and money!) in your inbox?

Let’s look at an example :-

Imagine you’re making a steady $5,000 or $10,000 a month in your business……..

What if you could add an extra 20% of sales through digital services?

That would be an extra $1,000-$2,000 a month automatically – once you set up the online marketing system the orders come in without you having to do any additional work.

If you add 40% of sales from digital – you could be making an additional $2,000-$4,000 a month on autopilot

50% digital would mean an extra $2,500-$5,000 a month

And what about when you hit the tipping point where your online income surpasses your offline income? Then you can start to work less but still earn more! BOOM!

Can you imagine making more money from your flagship online course or programs than your 1-2-1 work?

That should be music to your ears if you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, author, expert, practitioner or service provider who is working hard, hustling for business constantly and wondering whether you’ll ever be able to earn more without killing yourself in the process.


Unpacking your knowledge and creating online funnels involves some big decisions such as WHAT to share, HOW MUCH to charge, WHERE to find clients, HOW to find and communicate with your audience, WHERE to start, and HOW to build your community.

And that’s the bit we love at Modern Marketing Spark. In fact, that’s the whole premise behind the Social Media Accelerator program

I’ve identified the 9 key levers to “going digital”  and creating an additional 20%, 40% or even 80% income – SCHEDULE A CALL if you’d like to chat about what you’d need to create additional income from digital in your business.

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