How to Get Started with Facebook Ads

This is a question I’m often asked either by business owners starting out with Facebook ads or those who’ve dabbled and not had great results. Facebook ads are a fantastically economical way to generate leads IF they’re set up right and are converting well.

Let’s start with a visual summary of the key steps needed to get started with Facebook ads, then see the tips and next steps below…..

Get started with Facebook ads

Step 1 – Set your objective

Are you looking for leads, conversions, video views?

Step 2 – Get clear on your targeting.

Are you looking for new (cold) traffic, or remarketing to people who have already connected to you in some way (warm), or selling to existing customers (hot)

If you’re targeting new (cold) traffic, what interest groups are appropriate?

Are you looking for a certain demographic (age, sex, language), location, lifestyle demographic (kids, homeowner), behaviour (likely to purchase online, just had a baby, likely to move house)

Step 3 – Get creative

Choose an eye-catching graphic or video

Write compelling copy that hooks in the audience

Step 4 – Set your budget

Decide a budget for the life of the campaign, daily or weekly

Decide your key metrics – what are you prepared to pay per click (CPC – cost per click), per lead (CPL = cost per lead) and to acquire a customer (CPA – cost per acquistion).

What click rate are you looking for (CTR = Click through rate) – hint, we always aim for 1% and upwards to start with

You might not know this until you’ve run your first couple of campaigns but keep an eye on the numbers so you can see which ads are performing

Step 5 – Test, test, and test again

I can’t stress this enough. Your results from Facebook ad campaigns come from testing. Test everything but one aspect at a time.

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