This post was updated in August 2017 following the Facebook Mastery Masterclass

Facebook Mastery – What’s working on Facebook at the moment? You may have noticed that Facebook, the powerhouse of Social Media, is in overdrive at the moment. In the past week alone they’ve announced a number of new services, including:

#1 The Facebook podcasting platform (audio live through your Facebook page)
#2 “Communities”  – an old concept revisited – create a live community within your Facebook page (which is really going to muddy the waters around the Groups v Pages debate), and
#3 Posting into Groups as your page (rather than your personal profile)

Not to mention all the new options in live streaming and messaging. Things are moving FAST!

Simplifying Facebook for Business

Now some of you may be feeling overwhelmed and confused with all these rapid changes. But I think you’ll agree that Facebook is the #1 Business Marketing opportunity of the moment and hard to ignore.

So what’s a busy business owner to do?

Rather than just talking about the new updates (which many of us don’t have yet as they roll out over time) I’ve put together a new training program to show you 5 easy ways to master Facebook RIGHT NOW.

What you’ll learn:

? Convert strangers into lifetime customers without ever leaving Facebook…
? Reach more potential customers online
? Expand your reach and reduce your marketing costs
? Capture leads and build your database
? Understand what to post, when and how frequently
? Use Facebook Live to reach, convert and sell

What can you expect? No BS. No Fluff. Just real life, proven, strategies, and the latest tips and tools that are working RIGHT NOW to get the absolute MOST out of your Facebook marketing.

Have a great weekend – and speak soon!

Cassie x

p.s. Register here and I’ll show you how to NAIL Facebook Marketing this year