There are certain digital marketing tools and tips that I regularly share with clients. They often say these are one of the highlights of our training session or mentoring work together.

Discovering a cool tool or tip can save hours and make life so much easier. And sometimes you’ll unearth some of the secrets that the “pro’s” use that you thought a fancy designer had done!

Today’s tip is one of those “Swiss army knife” tools that has so many applications. I use this digital marketing tool multiple times a day and couldn’t manage without it.

The reason it’s so powerful? It turns anything you see on your screen, from text, images, emails, websites etc. into an image you can use on social media. Social media is all about high quality visuals so this is an invaluable way to get your message across quickly (and you’re more likely to get your posts shared).

This amazing digital marketing tool?

It’s Jing from TechSmith – a free tool that offers

  1. Screen capture of anything you see online
  2. Annotation of your screenshots
  3. Short videos (up to 5 minutes)

How to get Jing?

Go to and click on the DOWNLOAD button. Then follow the steps to install.

When Jing is installed you’ll see a yellow sun popping out from the side of the screen (like this)
digital marketing tools

How to use Jing

This quick video (90 seconds) explains all

Some of the things you can do with Jing

#1 Screen capture text and images online – and save them as a jpeg for posting on social media. For example, my Facebook page was verified recently so I shared that as news, but also as a tip

jing_example_of_page_verification#2 Capture ads and images you like and build a “swipe” file of favourites and examples

digital marketing tools#3 Screenshot testimonials and post them on your social media sites (we use this a lot with clients too)

digital marketing tools

#4 Screenshot your blog post title and image for sharing on social media, for example:

digital marketing tools

#5 Annotate your screenshots for sharing tips, or explaining something to your team digital marketing tools

#6 Make quick videos – you can video your screen with a voiceover (5 minutes max)

What other examples could you think of for using this amazing tool? Hop on over to the Modern Marketing Spark Facebook page and share your ideas. I’d love to hear from you!