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If I had a pound for every business owner I speak to who says “I’m on Social Media but I don’t really know what I’m doing or if it’s working” I’d be very wealthy!

Social Media is easy to use and you don’t need any special skills or equipment to get started, but you do need a strategy. Without a plan, a roadmap if you like, you’re shooting arrows in the dark and hoping to hit the target.

Let me walk you through the steps to creating your very own Social Media strategy. This will work whatever Facebook throws at you, and whichever platforms you’re on, and whatever industry you’re in.


Why is it so important to have a strategy for your Social Media?


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  • Keeps you ahead of your competitors
  • Drives sales for your products and services
  • Regularly attract new clients and customers
  • Generate leads and opportunities
  • Increase sales and make your life easier with the latest tools and technology (because who wants to spend 24/7 on Social Media!)


If you know me you’ll know I’m the Queen of keeping things keeping things simple. So let’s break this down…Let’s look at a simple 4-Step Social Media strategy.

#1 Plan

Firstly I recommend only starting with 1 or 2 Social Media platforms. It’s better to master a couple and build up a community of real followers, than to dip in and out of multiple platforms, never making an impact in any of them.

How to decide which platform(s) to be on?


Ask yourself “Where are my customers”


“Where are my competitors?” 

That will give you a good idea of where to start.


Understanding the different platforms



This graphic will help you give you a good outline of the various platforms, and their pro’s and cons

(h/t to Neil Patel)


  • Keep your branding, messaging and keywords consistent across all the platforms
  • For visual branding and designing beautiful social media cover graphics, I recommend Canva
  • Optimise your social media profiles for your potential customers AND the search engines (here’s how)
  • Keep up with changing trends and guidelines. For example are you up to speed with the recent Facebook and Instagram Newsfeed changes? Watch the recent free FB Newsfeed training I ran that will get you up-to-speed.

#2 Content

Why is it important to have a content strategy for your Social Media? Because otherwise you’re just randomly posting when you feel like it, or worse, when you have something to sell. And that doesn’t work.

And also, because not everyone is ready to buy.


In fact, only 3% of any group of people is ready to buy what you’re offering at any one time. 97% might be interested, but not now. So how do you stay in front of potential customers, without hitting them with promotion after promotion (yuk!). With a well thought out content strategy.

What content do you need?

  • Foundation content
  • A credibility video
  • Live streams
  • News and updates

    Create or find content to share

  • Share a mixture of your content, others’ content, trending news stories, industry updates, tips, how to’s, funny memes, and share a mix of status updates, videos, memes, gifs, videos (I cover this in more detail in my 10K Social Media Strategy training here)

Does this mean you have to spend hours every day creating content? No!


If you’re clever you can record ? recycle ? repurpose (see examples of this in action, including how you can turn 1 blog post into 10 different pieces of content for Social Media)

In the Social Media Accelerator program we have a clever system for generating a month’s worth of high-converting content in an hour (it’s called the Content Generator, and it’s one of my favourite tools).


Create a content library

Include your content, trending topics, 3rd party content, promotional posts


Where will you find the best content for your audience? Watch the strategy training for the full skinny


Which of the following content do you have: Status updates, videos, live streams, images, stories, case studies, memes, quotes, testimonials, podcasts, other? ____________________


Content you can recycle or repurpose?


#3 Tools

What tools do you need?

In this information-packed online workshop you’ll discover some of the best Social Media tools and resources you can use to save TONS of time and get more done with less work (who doesn’t want that!)


And here’s a list of some of the BEST FREE AND BUDGET SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS that we use (and recommend) at Modern Marketing Spark and that allow us to serve hundreds of clients with a crack team of eight.


Social Media Scheduling ToolsScheduling tools can be a great help when marketing on Social Media. They shouldn’t be used for 100% of your Social Media, as you need to be engaging and having conversations if you want to have an impact, but they can save a huge amount of time. Both in scheduling content, and also finding new content to share, and recycling content.


There are 5 popular scheduling tools, they all have pro’s and con’s Read my article here comparing them.


Which scheduling tool(s) will you use?


If you want to keep up with new tools and resources join my free Facebook group, the Modern Marketing Club for regular updates.



You won’t know what’s working unless you track your results. Luckily, each of the Social Media platforms, and the scheduling tools (here is a summary of the pro’s and con’s of the top 4 Social Media scheduling tools) offer insights and analytics so you can monitor and refine your activities.

Whether you’re running Facebook ads or posting on Instagram, make sure you test your headlines, images, content, media, calls to action etc. Test everything, and see what your audience responds to. Then do more of that!

Here’s some key tools for tracking the effectiveness of your Social Media:

# Google analytics

# Facebook insights

# Twitter analytics

# Scheduling tool analytics

So, now you’ve got the key components of your Social Media Strategy, grab a piece of paper and map out your action plan. Want our handy 1-page Social Media Strategy planner (and video training)?


We’ve covered a lot! Here’s a recap of what we’ve covered in this epic post!

How to Create a 10K Social Media Strategy:

#1 Map out your strategy

#2 Create your content plan

#3 Use time-saving tools

#4 Test and Improve


Using this plan you’ll be able to


> Create an effective Social Media strategy that keeps you ahead of your competitors

>> Easily map out a strategy that drives sales

>> Leverage the latest tools and technology to save time & money

Want to walk through the strategy with me by your side? I’ve recorded an in-depth training session [CLICK HERE] where you’ll learn how to apply these 4 steps to your business, and create an action plan that gets your Social Media working QUICKLY!

Plus there’s a handy downloadable “Social Media Strategy on 1 page” planner.

In this information-packed training, we drill down into some of the details, such as:


  • Which social media platform you should be on – which is best for your business?
  • The #1 mistake businesses make on Social media and how to avoid it (and get ahead of your 90% of people out there)
  • Why your website is a key piece of your Social Media Strategy
  • The latest trends in Social Media including the recent Facebook newsfeed changes
  • Creating your content library
  • Where to find the best content for social media
  • How to repurpose content and create 10 pieces of multi-media content from 1 article
  • What to post (never stare at a blank piece of paper again!)
  • When to post
  • Recommended time-saving tools
  • How to keep up with changes and resources for Social Media without the overwhelm
  • How to test and track your social media

Grab the “Create your 10K Social Media Strategy” training, and 1-page downloadable planner HERE