The Catch 22 of Modern Marketing

The Catch 22 of Modern Marketing

The Catch 22 of Modern MarketingDoes this sound like you?

You’re smart and savvy. You’ve started your own business. Created a website, started a Facebook page, posted on Instagram but what you enjoy most is providing your service, working in your zone of genius. You know, that special thing that you offer the world, that lights you up, that is what you’re here to do.

But without getting “out there” and talking about your business you won’t have any customers who know about your brilliance. If they can’t find you or notice you, you’ll be lost in the noise and crowds.

You’re not ready to hire an assistant or a marketing team (yet, it’s on the dream board!) so it seems like a catch 22.

Not a natural marketer but having to get to grips with marketing to find clients. You know once you get known – and build up momentum in your business – that it becomes easier.

Perhaps you’ve had a full diary of clients and things have gone a bit quiet. That’s stressful.

Or you might be super busy but know that at certain times of the year it gets quiet. That’s pressure. 

Even if you have a supportive partner, you don’t want to rely on them. You want to be independent. Have the freedom of earning your own money, money that’s for you. Feeling the pride of running a business that pays the bills, setting an example your kids will be proud of.

Earning your own income is liberating but there can be a steep learning curve to making it a reality.

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