Are you looking for more social media fans? More engagement? To make more of an impact online and (finally?) get noticed?

A quick simple way to achieve ALL this is using memes!

Robert Mason MMCWhat’s a meme? You’ve probably seen them. They’re often inspirational quotes or top tips. Here’s an example I created from a recent Modern Marketing Club call where I got some great feedback and decided to turn it into an eye-catching meme! (Took me 5 minutes and it was free!) 

Now you can design your own professional social media Graphics quickly and for free!

Having been a firm fan of Fiverr for many years, I’m excited to share a recent discovery that means you can design your own professional looking social media headers and covers – for free – in five minutes.

This exciting discover is called CANVA, an Australian web design company. They’re also very savvy because they’ve got Guy Kawasaki as their brand evangelist (doesn’t get much better than that!)

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to and register your account

2. Work through the mock tutorials – they’re easy and you can cheat and be shown what to do!

3. Then start designing. For example, here are a couple of things I did for fun..

4. Pick a template – it could be a WordPress header, Facebook cover image or you can choose “custom image” and determine the exact size you need….in this example I’ve selected a Facebook cover image


5. Next pick your template (there are loads of professionally designed templates to choose from!)


6. Now the fun begins. You can use the images provided or upload one of your own. For example…….all I’ve done here is dragged and dropped one of my own images on top of the flower image and started editing the text (by clicking on the text -it couldn’t be easier!)



7. Now I’ve decided to change the colour of the text (by clicking on the colour palette – pick a standard colour or make a bespoke one to match your curtains!) and I’ve also changed the background of the text box (all drag and drop/ click and pick!). When you’re happy with your new graphic, just click “Link and Publish” and you get a jpeg you can upload immediately to social media. IT’S REALLY THAT EASY! 





8. Just for fun (because I can’t resist), let’s have a quick play with another template (this is SO fun, quick and easy!).  How about this “HEY” cut out?


9. Simply go to “uploads” in the Canva left hand menu bar, and drag and drop your own pictures onto the letters (where it says “drag a photo here”).  And this is how it looks!



OK, so I’m not winning any design awards but you can see the potential from just from a few minutes playing. So, if you fancy some new social media graphics and want them quickly, hop on over to Canva and get designing!

TOP TIP: If you want some great design ideas check out the “Editor’s Picks” templates on the Canva home page!