Here’s how to build your community and mailing list with Facebook ads…

If you’re a business owner who wants to grow their community and mailing list – let me show you how you can do this quickly and easily with Facebook (and Instagram) ads.

Watch the short video and discover why you should NEVER use the boost button

The 5-step process we use (and I teach my clients in my Social Media Accelerator program) to create high-converting Facebook ads, and build your community and mailing list with Facebook ads.



How the process works

Make sure your Targeting is spot on (watch the video for some hot tips)

Creatives that catch the eye

Copy that compels your readers to take action

Introducing the new Ads Manager

Making sure your ads are optimised (how to track the 3 key metrics to make sure your ads are working effectively). That means more clicks and leads, for less spend.

Why use Facebook ads?

Results come in very fast – e.g. my client Karen got 1,000 to her company’s landing page within 3 days

Get a measurable Return on your ad spend (which is much harder with organic Social Media)

Convert fans to followers with just a few ££ per day

You can scale up or down depending on your budget and business goals

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Mistakes to avoid

Setting the wrong spend

Creating too many ads

Choosing the wrong objective

Trying to optimise for conversions too early…… the video for more mistakes, how to avoid them, and lots of hot tips!

Best practices

Make sure to track your ads regularly

Test, test and test again – and only test one thing at a time (or you won’t know what’s working!)

Getting your ads to perform effectively is like a Rubik’s Cube – once you know how it works, it’s easy! But it can be really frustrating trying to figure it out on your own. Find out how I can help you shortcut the time and frustration with the Facebook Ads Bootcamp.