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BREAKING NEWS from Facebook – Is this the end of Facebook pages?

If you’re active on Facebook you can’t fail to have noticed the big bomb shell that has just dropped. Some marketers are calling this the “end of days for Facebook Page”, the end of organic reach on Facebook, and other hyperboles.

Here is the announcement from Facebook

News Feed FYI: Bringing People Closer Together

And watch this video from Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner walking through some of the key points:

Here’s a quick summary of the Breaking News from Facebook:

Mark Zuckerberg says “We will also prioritize posts from friends and family over public content, consistent with our News Feed values.” In other words posts from Facebook pages will get even less priority (if any) than currently.

In fact, we’ve known this was coming. Facebook have been testing moving the page feed to the “explorer” feed over the past few months (one of my team is based in Serbia where this has already been rolled out).

Is this end of days for Facebook pages?

Facebook want to:

Prioritise posts between people, especially those that inspire back and forth discussion.

So you should:

Focus on active news items (topics trending)

Focus on engaging content and live streaming

What does this mean for pages?

The Page feed may be moved to explorer feed, not the main newsfeed (testing in a few countries) but regardless there will be LESS page posts in the newsfeed

Pages may see reach, video watch time and referral traffic decrease

Pages whose posts prompt conversation between friends will see less of an effect

Traffic from the newsfeed will be non-existent unless you get reactions and comments, and comments and conversations between friends

What you must NOT do: 

No scheduled content – stop autoposting articles on social media (unless people are engaging with them)

Do not use third party schedulers to share content on Facebook (use the FB schedulers instead)

What to do now? 

I’ll be updating the Facebook Mastery training with a new webinar soon with some key strategies you can use to stay ahead of these changes (and to help you minimise the impact and maximise opportunities using the tools Facebook provides)

  • Train your community to use the “see first” option to prioritise seeing your content at the top of the newsfeed
  • Live videos get 6x interaction on FB and generate conversation – use Facebook Live more
  • Create videos that prompt conversation and interaction
  • Engagement-bait will be penalised
  • Page posts will still appear in the newsfeed but there will be less of them
  • In short, you’ll need new strategies to make sure FB is still working for you

There will also be focus on paid traffic so NOW is the time to get comfortable with Facebook Ads before everyone jumps on-board and all the prices rocket up

Bots are going to be a big deal now (but for how long?)

This will also have an impact on Facebook groups

To stay up-to-date with all the changes (and how best to prepare for them) make sure you’re in the MODERN MARKETING CLUB (my Facebook Group) for updates and details of the upcoming training.


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