Boost your email open rates with emojis

Boost your email open rates with emojis

Whatever you think of emojis, studies show that using emoji’s in ad copy improves click through rates and conversions. And now you can use them in your emails too!

We were prompted to look at emoji’s in subject lines on receiving this email from ActiveCampaign (our email provider of choice) – Announcing emojis in subject line

Emojis help your email to stand out, like this and imagine if you’re talking about Mailchimp.

We find it’s best if you use emojis that are relevant to what you’re posting.

Perhaps you have a favourite emoji? Some people love the “fire” emoji, the laugh out loud (<–) or the “poop” emoji!



Here’s a great tip from ActiveCampaign:

Make sure they serve a purpose

Your emoji usage should have a purpose. Perhaps that means emphasizing something that’s already in writing or substituting words altogether. For example: “It’s going to ? today, so bring an ?”

How to use emojis in emails

You’ll need to use an emoji library – such as emojipedia  or getemoji

Then you can cut and paste your emojis into your subject line, ad or Social Media post.

Emoji’s Display differently

You’ve probably noticed that the emoji you send from your Samsung Galaxy appears different on your friend’s iphone. The emoji libraries show you how the emoji show up on different devices (in case you were wondering!)

How are you using emoji’s in your marketing?

We sometimes have “share your favourite” emoji days in the Modern Marketing Club so do come and join me there.


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