How To Use LinkedIn To Market Your Products Or Events

Here’s a quick video I made to help our 9Networking members use LinkedIn to promote the next event to their contacts. The same method works for any promotion you’re rolling out, and can be a powerful addition to your toolbox.

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Create A Content Form

If you’ve ever wondered how to create a professional contact forms, wonder no more. This great little WordPress plug-in creates a contact form for your site (see my Contact Me page for an example) and can be customised. What I love about it is that it streamlines all communications from your site into one email…

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How To Set Up A WordPress Blog In Six Easy Steps

Many people promote products and services without a website, through Facebook fan pages, free blogs, Squidoo lens, Hubpages or in many other ways, but by far the easiest way to get started online is with your own WordPress website. Your website doesn’t need to be a graphic masterpiece or anything special, but the fact that…

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