New Ways To Target Your Audience on Facebook and Instagram

Are you taking advantage of Facebook’s detailed targeting to reach your ideal audience? Now you can Target Your Audience on Facebook and Instagram using Facebook’s new Custom Audience options. You can now target your audience based on the following criteria (NEW targeting options highlighted below): CUSTOMER FILES  Your subscribers (PLUS there is a direct link to Mailchimp so…

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how digital is your business

How Digital Is Your Business?

Yesterday was a real eye-opener for me. A nudge to wake up and look at my business in a different light. That’s the beauty of getting out of the office and working ON your business instead of IN your business. Spending time with inspirational people (both on and off the stage) is always really energising…

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Create a killer about page

Create a killer ABOUT PAGE in 7 simple steps

Did you know the ABOUT page on your website is often the second most visited page (after the home page). So being able to create a killer about page is business critical. It’s your brochure, your story, your chance to tell your potential customers what you’re all about. So don’t lose this golden opportunity to…

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What’s Better – Free or Paid Traffic?

[00:00:02] Hi it’s Cassie from Modern Marketing Spark. Today we’re going to talk about what’s better free or paid traffic. So just before we jump in just wanted to talk about what is traffic. Now if you’ve got a Web site or a blog or any sort of offers or program that you’re offering online,…

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Facebook advertising metrics

The 7 Key Metrics You Need To Track To Run A Successful Ad Campaign

If you’re new to running Facebook ads you might feel a bit like a rookie pilot in the cockpit, with all the dials and switches. In fact, there are only 7 key metrics you need to track to run a successful Facebook Ad Campaign. Let’s look at each of them, and why they’re so important:…

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CASE STUDY: How We Took An Almost Dead Facebook Page, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And Turned It Into A Lead Generator Making £3-£4k Per Month.

A client asked me to help with their Facebook page as it wasn’t serving them at all. They were struggling with what to say, how to say it, and how best to communicate with their fans. They had virtually no engagement and no online presence or community. Their Facebook page was just an empty bill…

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Create High Impact Videos for Social Media

CREATE HIGH IMPACT VIDEOS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA One of the things we talked about on the recent “How to Boost your Sales with the new Facebook and Instagram” webinar was the importance of video on Social Media. Consider this: 79% of all traffic will come from video in 2018 The Click through rate of your…

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How to Get Started with Facebook Ads

This is a question I’m often asked either by business owners starting out with Facebook ads or those who’ve dabbled and not had great results. Facebook ads are a fantastically economical way to generate leads IF they’re set up right and are converting well. Let’s start with a visual summary of the key steps needed…

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schedule Facebook live

How to Schedule Facebook Live Streams within Facebook

Why the need to schedule Facebook Live Streams within Facebook? One of the challenges of live streaming for your audience is finding you and you want to make it as easy as possible for people to join you live. It’s not good enough to give them your Facebook page URL and hope they’ll find you…

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Let’s talk about Traffic from Social Media

Let’s talk about Traffic from Social Media There are THREE types of traffic – I shared them here in a recent Facebook Live, and the pro’s and con’s of each traffic source. Why is traffic important? Because traffic = people = eye-balls on your offers = potential customers = leads = sales Watch the video…

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