stop the scroll on social media

5 Super Smart Ways To Stop The Scroll on Social Media

With all the noise on Social Media it’s more important than ever to stand out and “stop the scroll”. Watch a recent live stream where I share 5 fun and different ways to get attention… Here’s a summary of the 5 ways to show up with a bang! Visual graphics – your images are what…

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Get results from your digital marketing

What you really need to get results from your Digital Marketing

What does Digital Marketing mean to you? Is it a necessary evil (or tech “mountain to climb”) or something you relish? And how do you get results from your Digital Marketing without confusion or overwhelm? The answer is that people (dare I say, guru’s) complicate Digital marketing. Talking about funnel hacking, retargeting campaigns and conversion…

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Are you the world’s best kept Social Media secret and ready to Shine and Profit online?

Are you the world’s best kept Social Media secret? Watch the short video for tips on how to Shine and Profit online instead………. And if you’d like my help to get clarity, confidence and certainty with your Digital Marketing, check out my unique mentoring program, The Social Media Accelerator.

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Have You Got A Client Attraction Strategy?

First published June 2014 – Updated Jan 2019! It seems we all want more business but hate the idea of selling (selling being seen as sleazy and self-serving). So how do you tell people about the value you provide with your products and services without being salesy? That’s where your Client Attraction Strategy comes in.  What…

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Social Media Trends for 2019

The hottest Social Media Trends for 2019

Social Media Trends for 2019 – Watch the Video below – or if you prefer, here are the highlights… Here’s what you need to look out for next year (and start planning for now) Instagram is growing VERY fast (over 1 billion active users) and over 500M using stories already Video Video continues to be…

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instagram stories

Sharing some of the best Instagram Stories Features

So I’ve been running a 5-day Instagram Stories Challenge in the Modern Marketing Club (my free Facebook community) and live streaming on Instagram every day with my best advice and some hot tips!Watch this live stream where I walk you through the Instagram Stories editing tools – my viewers loved these tips! Why use Instagram…

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bots messenger

What is a messenger bot? And should it be part of your marketing strategy?

Great question in the Modern Marketing Club today….. WHAT THE HELL IS A CHATBOT? (aka MESSENGER bot)!?  A Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot that lives in Facebook Messenger, meaning it converses with some of the 1.3 billion people who use Facebook Messenger every month. Facebook currently has 300,000 active Messenger bots, and some are…

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sell more on social media

Sell more on social media using your natural personality type

Sell more on social media using your natural personality type. Are you sabotaging your success on Social Media by trying to use someone else’s marketing style? That’s like wearing someone else’s shoes! Watch this week’s Facebook live for tips on improving your marketing by using your natural personality and style.  

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plan your Social Media Marketing

Are you using evidence or emotion to plan your Social Media Marketing?

Are you using evidence or emotion to plan your Social Media Marketing? Over the past 6 years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and held discovery calls with literally hundreds more potential clients. I was looking through the discovery call notes recently (because I keep notes on everything!) and noticed how many people are essentially…

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How to Get Facebook Famous (video)

Just made this fun little video for an ad campaign and thought I’d share it here. Would you like to be Facebook Famous (and attract all the clients and sales you deserve?) GET YOUR FREE FACEBOOK FAMOUS GUIDE HERE

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