What’s Working in Social Media Today?

The big question of the moment is What’s Working in Social Media Today? You may have heard that Wetherspoons (a big pub/restaurant chain in the UK) recently deleted all 900 of its Social Media accounts. It’s interesting that a year ago they also deleted their entire customer database too! They’re going to rely on their website…

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Boost your email open rates with emojis

Boost your email open rates with emojis Whatever you think of emojis, studies show that using emoji’s in ad copy improves click through rates and conversions. And now you can use them in your emails too! We were prompted to look at emoji’s in subject lines on receiving this email from ActiveCampaign (our email provider…

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facebook famous

How To Get Facebook Famous and Attract 10K clients

So you want to get Facebook Famous?  🙄 You’re busy so if you want the quick guide you can grab the handy checklist and skip the rest! A wise man once said – there are two aspects to success online. There is content (the information you share) and context (your credibility, influence and impact in your…

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Simplify Social Media with the 2-3-10 Strategy

Would you like to Simplify Social Media with the 2-3-10 Strategy? I had the pleasure to train a group of motivated entrepreneurs yesterday at the This is Calmer training, on “How To Simplify Your Social Media”. There was an interesting mix of businesses in the room, and a wide range of knowledge on Social Media from…

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social media strategy

Create a 10K per month Social Media Strategy

If I had a pound for every business owner I speak to who says “I’m on Social Media but I don’t really know what I’m doing or if it’s working” I’d be very wealthy! Social Media is easy to use and you don’t need any special skills or equipment to get started, but you do…

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how to generate leads on linkedin

How to generate leads on LinkedIn

So regular readers will know that Facebook is my preferred Social Media platform, however there is life outside Facebook, right? Following a LinkedIn training workshop that I ran recently I wanted to share some of my best tips on How to generate leads on LinkedIn. Watch my recent FB Live* for the: 3 Step LinkedIn…

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The 20 Best Social Media Tools To Improve Your Marketing

Social Media can be overwhelming but there are wealth of tools to help you streamline your marketing. Many of them are free or low cost too! Here’s the full list of the best Social Media Tools In this week’s Facebook Live I shared over 20 of my favourite top Social Media Tools and Resources (something workshop…

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Should YouTube be part of your marketing strategy?

Should YouTube be part of your Marketing Strategy? Welcome to this week’s Facebook Live. I’m going to talk about whether YouTube should be part of your marketing strategy. Now why am I so excited about YouTube at the moment because I’ve just been away for nearly three weeks on holiday and come back and realise…

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facebook live guide

3 Smart Reasons To Use Facebook Live in your Marketing

Facebook Live, oh how many ways do I love thee? So many, but sharing my top 3 Reasons To Use Facebook Live in your Marketing… Firstly, with organic (i.e. unpaid) reach at almost zero on Facebook following the recent newsfeed changes (if you’re not up to speed watch this free training where I explain the…

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social media sales funnel

Why you need a Social Media Sales Funnel

You might have heard of funnels or be wondering why you need a social media sales funnel… With the changes to the Facebook newsfeed, and the ever increasing pace of content consumption on Social Media and mobile, it’s more important than ever to have a system in place to take your potential customers through a…

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