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Naturally attract soul mate clients by becoming truly magnetic

Aligned Marketing* Mentorship Program

Discover an easier way of Marketing!

The Aligned Marketing* Mentorship equips you with the skills and knowledge to easily attract soul mate clients using your natural energy and gifts

With Aligned Marketing* you'll unlock Ultimate FLOW in your Marketing, and unlimited potential in your business, so you attract clients with ease.

If you're brilliant at what you do but Marketing isn't your zone of genius, you're in the right place!

What you'll create over our 6 weeks together:-

  • Tune into the most empowered version of you (using Energetics and Human Design)
  • Create your Aligned Marketing* Strategy
  • Market to your strengths using the "massively useful" Marketing Grid (no more guessing)
  • Clearly articulate the value you provide with a Magnetic Message AND have the confidence to say it
  • Bring in new clients with a Inspired Offer (we will create one or look at your existing offerings)
  • Create a compelling Content Plan where posts flow easily and your soul mate clients love them
  • Uncover your marketing SuperPower and use it to massively increase your Impact, Attract more Clients and drive more Sales

Getting Fully Booked with Energetics and Human Design

We all have a unique energetic blueprint and when we know how to harness our energy, we can use that to supercharge our marketing. Social Media, and in fact, ALL marketing is based not just the words we write, but the subconscious feelings and energy behind them.

When we understand our energetic make-up we can play to our strengths, communicate from a place of empowerment and form much deeper connections, making us highly magnetic to potential clients.

Human Design charts your energetic strengths and innate gifts so you can connect and communicate more powerfully with your soul mate clients.

To receive more clients and money you have to be aligned to a higher level of income and impact. So we begin the program by expanding your energy and getting you into alignment with Next Level You so you can receive more.

With Aligned Marketing* you show up in - and make decisions - from a place of EMPOWERMENT

Making you confident and unstoppable! 

If you’re ready to uplevel your Marketing and discover new strategies and tools to grow your Business, Aligned Marketing* is for you!


🌟Get Fully Booked with Soul Mate Clients (without any hustle or overwhelm)

🌟Uncover Ultimate flow so marketing becomes easier and more fun

🌟Unlock Unlimited Potential in your Business for more Sales and Impact

🌟Position yourself for success

🌟Make Marketing Easier using the Massively Useful Marketing Grid (showing you the best strategies for your energetic "type")


6 weekly live calls - in an intimate group setting - with full support from myself and the group, and time to implement in between sessions πŸ’«

We start on 3rd March 2021


This is a Β£997 (or 2 x Β£550 payments) investment


️🌟🌟BONUS #1: Human Design and Energy reading to unlock ultimate flow in your business. This is what landed me 3 new clients last week without doing anything differently or working any harder.

🌟 BONUS #2: The Massively Useful Marketing Grid (showing you the best strategies for your energetic "type")  

🌟🌟BONUS #3: Superconscious Mindset session to remove resistance and clear blocks

🌟🌟BONUS #4: Energy activations and consciousness journeys to unlock your potential and get you into flow with your marketing 

Align your Marketing so you become super attractive to soul mate clients

Harness your natural Energy and enjoy massive business expansion

More Impact 🌟 Aligned Marketing* 🌟 More Income

Meet your host...

Hi, I'm Cassie Hicks, Intuitive Marketing Mentor, Trainer, and Speaker for conscious coaches and creators that are ready to uplevel. 

My passion is showing savvy business owners how to leverage the Digital World to grow their business without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. 

Aligned Marketing* is how we achieve that, by creating a tailored plan based on your unique energetic blueprint and innate skills and gifts.

My mission is to simplify the Digital world so you STOP doing "all the things" and just focus on WHAT WORKS for you.

My superpower is the ability to tap into your unique marketing advantage quickly. But don't take my word for it! ...

What they say...

How Human Design "radically" changed Usha's approach to marketing and business

Aligned Marketing* gave Usha a new lease of life

Elaine landed 7 new clients once she got out of her comfort zone

Elaine rekindled the excitement in her business and built huge momentum in her business

Julie found this to be a "massively useful marketing tool", especially the marketing grid

Su found the approaches that worked for her and how to lean in naturally to what she does best

Julie found herself freed up and much more creative after the Aligned Marketing* program

Su loved the marketing spreadsheet for how best to market her business

We start 3rd March ..

BONUS: Human Design and Energy Readings

BONUS: The Massively Useful Marketing Grid (the best strategies and tactics for your energetic type)

BONUS: Superconscious Belief Shifting Session

BONUS: Conscious journeying to unlock your higher potential impact and income


Β£997 (inc VAT) or 2 x payments of Β£550