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I KNEW I was a savvy, smart woman, but I had no idea how to turn my passion and ideas into real money

After years climbing the corporate ladder, living abroad (I lived in The States for 8 years) and commuting for 2+ hours a day to my day job I made the big, scary decision to take the leap and started my own business. Choosing freedom over financial security was liberating and breath-takingly terrifying but even in the toughest times I've never regretted my decision. 

After building my first website I made my first sale within days

Then struggled to make another penny for six months! But that first sale motivated me to keep going because I knew the online marketing system I'd set up worked. It just needed tweaking and testing so I could turn on the money flow when I needed it.

I was able to use my marketing skills to start building a community of like-minded followers, and start bringing money in through my own business! It was exhilirating and made me realise the potential of being able to generate an income online and help others to do the same. No-one should be stuck in a job or relationship they hate because of money.

Do you realise the power you have at your fingertips?

Without sounding too dramatic I can honestly say that Social Media has changed my life (read my blog post on this here)

Thanks to Social Media I’ve built a sustainable six-figure business from the ground up. Without a huge advertising budget, without becoming a celebrity, without publishing a book (yet) or winning the lottery.

Since starting Modern Marketing Spark, I’ve created a 6 figure business, moved into my dream neighbourhood (our dream home is next on the list) and been there for my two boys. Being my own boss I've never missed a sports day, nativity play or parents meeting and I'm proud to help my clients create the income and lifestyle they deserve too.

Are you ready to create your own success story?

The best time to start is now and I am ready to support you in taking the inspired action that will create the most thriving business you could imagine for yourself.

I believe in you and I’d love you to apply for a Discovery Session as your first step toward success, with all of the support you need to make a thriving business your reality.

If you're not ready for a Discovery Session yet, here are two other ways to get started today:

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Tune in to my new masterclass "How to sell *you* and your virtual services using free Facebook tools"


Would you like to sell your brilliant brand and your virtual services online? 

I'll show you how to you leverage the power of Digital Marketing and Social Media to attract more clients, build your community and monetise your followers and fans without being sleazy.

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