My mission? To show you how to market your business more effectively on Social Media so you make more money working less hours

I KNEW I was a savvy, smart woman,
but I had no idea how to turn my passion and ideas into real money


After years climbing the corporate ladder, 10 years in the USA and commuting for 2+ hours each way to my day job I made the big, scary decision to take the leap and start my own business. Choosing freedom over financial security was liberating and terrifying but even in the toughest times I’ve never regretted my decision.

Fast forward to today and I’ve created a multi-award winning six figure business – which was completely bootstrapped from scratch using Social Media.

Was it easy? No!

Did I make mistakes? Yes!

Can you do the same and attract clients and sales online? Hell, yes!

You’re amazing and you are the only “you” in the world. You have unique talents, gifts and skills. There are people in the world who need what only you can offer.

So let’s chat about how we can make that happen.

I’m Cassie Hicks and
I’m here to help you transform your business using the power of Social Media. 

Do you realise the power you have at your fingertips?

Without sounding too dramatic I can honestly say that Social Media has changed my life (read my blog post on this here)

Thanks to Social Media I’ve built a sustainable six-figure business from the ground up. Without a huge advertising budget, without becoming a celebrity, without publishing a book or winning the lottery.

Since starting Modern Marketing Spark, I’ve created a 6 figure business, moved into my dream neighbourhood (our dream home is next on the list) and been there for my two boys (and dog!). Being my own boss means I’ve never missed a sports day or parents meeting and I’m proud to help my clients create the income and lifestyle they deserve too.

Are you ready to create your own success story?

The best time to start is now and I am ready to support you in taking the inspired action that will create the most thriving business you could imagine for yourself.

I believe in you and I’d love you to apply for a Discovery Session as your first step toward success, with all of the support you need to make a thriving business your reality.

If you’re not ready for a Discovery Session yet, here are two other ways to get started today:

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Cassie was recommended to us by a trusted friend. As a law firm, we need to have a digital presence but lack the time or know-how to deal with this ourselves. Within a few months of Cassie coming on board, our online ranking increased and we had much more traffic to our website. It is challenging, to say the least, to promote a law firm digitally but Cassie and her team are doing this so well.

Venisha Shah

The Law House

Since you took over the management of our social media we’ve had our busiest quarter ever. Sales are up 15% (that’s a 750% ROI!). I highly recommend Cassie if you want to generate more business.

Deborah Southwell,

Director, The Verulam Clinic, St. Albans

Before I started on Cassie`s program I really struggled with having a clear strategy and knowing how on how to attract clients and even when I did attract leads I didn’t know on how to turn leads into sales.

Besides learning clear strategies  on how to attract clients and convert them into sales I also really loved the focus on ENERGETIC selling and selling without being sleazy. Making the course really rounded and more than I had hoped for. I highly recommend Cassie to anyone wanting to step up their game using digital marketing she is very supportive and always happy to advise.

Maite Brines von Melle

VonLates Pilates

Working with Cassie has helped me to gain real clarity on the strategy of my online business. It enabled me to focus on my goals, set achievable objectives, outline the project timeline, and a key outcome for me was understanding the structure of how an online business works. Cassie is a pleasure to work with and very encouraging, I would highly recommend her service

Tania Diggory

This is Calmer

I am so pleased I have had the chance to work with Cassie on my social media strategy. Cassie recommended some simple changes to my SM presence as well as specific activities to raise my profile within the ‘right’ audience for my business. Nothing was too complicated but the recommendations were excellent and I am looking forward to seeing the results. I highly recommend Cassie as a professional expert in her field.

Susan Heaton Wright

I joined Cassie’s Social Media Accelerator program recently, the FB ads training has literally only just started, and on the strength of what we’ve covered already I’ve just picked up a new client which will cover the cost of the program! And I’ve doubled my prices! ☺

Alison Read

Read Digital Marketing

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