Facebook ads that rock

5 Steps To Create More Leads and Sales Using Facebook Ads That Rock

Would you like more leads, a bigger mailing list of prospects and a reliable income? Facebook ads are the fastest, most cost-effective way to grow your business.

If you’ve tried ads but not had success, or have put off trying ads because it seems a bit “techy” or you’re worried about losing money, here’s the beginners guide to creating leads and sales that convert.

These are the five simple steps we use to set up ads for our agency clients, and that I teach in the Facebook Ads Bootcamp. Follow the steps in order and you’ll find your ads working much more effectively.

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Cassie Hicks

Modern Marketing Spark is your Digital Marketing Partner. We provide a holistic approach to Social Media and Digital Marketing ensuring your achieve your business goals using modern marketing strategies. We also offer training and support through our Facebook group, The Modern Marketing Club (http://facebook.com/groups/modernmarketingclub)