30 Day GET MORE CLIENTS Intensive

Get More Clients from Social Media: 30 Day Intensive

I run a 30 day program to help purpose-drive business owners like you get new clients in the door and do it consistently. And then continue to grow your business month on month with a complete Sales and Marketing System for LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Instagram. 


I have an incredible offer for established coaches/ consultants/ experts who want to reach a wider audience and get in front of more potential clients consistently, without being a slave to Social Media. 

Over 7+ years running a full service Social Media agency (that I started from scratch, using Social Media) I’ve spent years refining my content, message and positioning and now have a system that works consistently for me and my clients.

Running a business as a single mum I’m very conscious of the need to be time efficient and to simplify the process, so you focus JUST on what works. That way you can work smarter, not harder, and grow a business that works around your family. 

We work together for one month on the following things:

  1. Positioning yourself to attract the attention of your ideal clients, i.e. get yourself noticed and connected with the right people in the right way (we will also identify the “secret sauce” that your clients relate and respond to). 
  2. Growing an engaged audience of warm prospects so you are continually nurturing potential clients and warming them up to work with you (your marketing “funnel”).
  3. Turning followers into paying customers with a simple Social Media sales strategy and 90 day content plan so you can map your posts out in advance.
  1. Teaching you my client attraction system (I show you how and where to source potential leads on social media, as well as how to create compelling content using my Content Generator process) 

At the end of our time together you will have with an actionable plan to attract more clients consistently. The program is designed to bring you at least 5x return on your investment (some clients get 10X or more ROI)

Examples of this – from past clients

  • $25k of new coaching client business
  • £12k from new clients 
  • 4X sales in one month
  • 15% increase in month on month income for a local business
  • Speaking, Press and Media, and partnership opportunities.  

This program is a month long and we work together 1:1 in a series of short, focused meetings.

You get clear assignments and worksheets to guide you through the process, as well as my unlimited support and feedback in between meetings.

I’d love to work with you to create a plan and system that brings new clients in the door and creates a steady flow of new business. 

Your investment: £997 (inc VAT)

Ready to get started? Schedule a call to make sure this is a good fit for both of us. I only work with clients that I’m confident I can help, and that have established businesses and some experience of Social Media.