Have you got a WordPress website? As you know I’m a big WordPress fan. I first discovered WordPress four years ago when I started building niche sites to sell information products. Teaching myself online marketing was time consuming, and frustrating at times, but for me the “technical” side of things was the most challenging. As with any new skill though, it became easier over time, and with practice.

Why I LOVE WordPress

What I love about WordPress is how easy it is to create your own website. There are thousands of themes to choose from so your site looks like it’s been professionally designed. Add in widgets and plug-in’s and you’ve got an all singing, all dancing site – and it’s all free! 

With WordPress you don’t need to know any coding or design, or have a background in IT or technology (I don’t!). You’re in control of your own site, from creating a site from scratch, to managing and updating a site that’s been created for you.

Are You A Technophobe? 

One of the most rewarding things about all the WordPress training I’ve been doing recently is the number of people who overcome their fear of technology and leave the training saying “I didn’t know you could do so much. I feel confident to manage my site myself now”. One lady had put off working on her site for over a year, due to pure fear of IT, and frustration at getting stuck. Another, with a whizzy dizzy, all singing, all dancing site (that she’d paid a pretty penny for), had spent weeks trying to work out how to move an image from the left of the page to the right. 30 seconds later, and two clicks, and the mystery was solved! (easy when you know how!) 

6 Amazing Things You Can Do With WordPress

If you’re using a “free with hosting” website or have an old site with limited functionality, listen up. It’s time to make your website a 24/7 online sales and marketing team for your business. Here are just some amazing things you can do with a WordPress website…….

1. Manage your own site – update your site instantly, for free!

No more paying for updates or waiting for your designer to do it. Just jump onto the easy-to-use dashboard and edit away.

wordpress support

2. Create email sign-up forms  

Getting traffic to your site can be hard work. Make sure you capture your visitor’s details when they visit so you can stay in touch with them. Never lose a potential client again!

wordpress support3. Take payments through your site

Organising an event or want to sell your DVD’s or services online? Put a PayPal button on  your site and take payments instantly from a trusted online payment processor. A Paypal account is free and is a great first step to putting ecommerce on your site (“monetising your site”). You don’t need a fancy shopping cart for a few events or products. Here’s a quick video showing you how to install a PayPal button on your site.

wordpress training


4. Create a killer blog

WordPress is the perfect blogging platform and blogging is a great way to keep the information on your site current, attract the search engines, and monetise your business. Enough said! If you’re new to blogging, or want to make money from your blog, you might be interested in my “Make Money Blogging” ecourse

wordpress expertise 5. Automatically link to your social media accounts

Using clever plug-in’s (WordPress “apps”) you can build two-way marketing with social media. You can set your pages, posts and blog to automatically post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Conversely, you can promote your social media platforms, for example your Facebook page or Google+ hover card on your website. So your website feeds your social media and vice versa. A very powerful way to build your business.

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6. Add forms, documents, images and videos to your site

Want to offer a Word document or pdf to download, jazz your site up with images or use videos to bring your business to life? It’s easy with WordPress. And you can change your images and videos with just a few clicks. So, if you’ve got a special offer or event coming up, you can easily upload new images to your site.

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wordpress clubIf you’re serious about your business you need a website that works as your 24/7 Sales and Marketing team. Whether you’re considering WordPress or already have a site but need help jumping in the driving seat, I’m here to help. Through WordPress Fast-Start and the WordPress Club you’ll find all the training, support and confidence you need to manage your site.

Do get in touch on the Facebook page or G+ community and let me know how you feel about WordPress!