Top Tips To Improve Your SEO Strategy

This is a fast-moving world we live in and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is no different. Gone are the days when getting to #1 on Google depended on just keywords and backlinking. Now,  there are something like 12-15 factors you have to master to reach the coveted #1 spot!

(btw, it’s the same with Social Media marketing – with the dreaded Facebook “organic reach” algorithm, and Facebook Ads)

The online space is very competitive and crowded these days so you have to be a lot more savvy to get ahead of your competitors (see the 3 main options here: How To Ensure Your Customers Find You On Google).

During the #HertsExpo business show this week I attended an SEO update by local expert, Cheryl Luzet of Wagada. Cheryl shared some really useful tips so am sharing a few of them below, along with some classics.

See you at the top of Google!

What’s Your SEO Strategy? Top Tips

Start with the basics:  My Top Ten SEO Tips For Small Businesses

#1 Check your Google Analytics 

Google favours sites with a low bounce rate, high return rate and people spending time on the site (showing that your content is valuable and of interest to your visitors)

#2 Site Speed

Use the Google site speed checker to see how fast your site loads (Google favours fast-loading sites)

#3 Spring clean your website

I wrote a blog post on this recently, as SEO is just one reason to clean up your site: Time To Spring Clean Your Website

Google will penalise you if you  have a) broken links and/or b) irrelevant pages. So, if you’re like me and had hundreds of old web pages from past campaigns etc. DELETE them and make sure every page on your site is relevant, properly indexed and optimised for the search engines.

#4 Optimise for the search engines

If you’re a regular to my blog and ezines you’ll know I’m a big fan of the Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress. It does all the hard lifting for you and works on a traffic light system so you can see in an instant if your pages and posts are GREEN (optimised), yellow or RED (needs work). It’s a great plug-in, it’s free and it includes a Google site map (to help the search robots index your pages) so I highly recommend you use it.

#5 Use Long-tail keywords

Rather than trying to rank for “Dentist St. Albans” you’re much more likely to get to #1 on Google for “Low cost dental implants in St. Albans” or “Emergency dentist open on Sunday”.

#6 Keep your site current 

One of the best ways to do this is with a regular blog (note the word “regular” – it doesn’t count if you have a big blog blitz and then do nothing for 3 months – consistency is the key here!!!) 

Don’t panic if you’re not a blogger – because blogging/writing doesn’t suit everyone, and it does take a lot of time- I’ve written a post on this here: To Blog or Not To Blog?  because tip #7 might be your saving grace…

#7 Use Videos

As you probably know video and live streaming’s is the magic key to success on Social Media at the moment. I asked Cheryl whether using videos on your website helps with SEO. Now Google can’t index what you’re saying on the video so a great tip is to get your video transcribed and paste the transcription on your site. As long as you use your keywords in the video that transcription can be as powerful as a blog post. Ta da!

There are lots of people on Fiverr who will do this for just a few dollars so that’s definitely worth doing. I have an amazing lady I can recommend who is very fast and accurate. Email me if you’d like her details (and tell her I sent you!)

So, that’s a quick SEO Update. What changes will you make to improve your SEO Strategy?