get more business on Facebook

How To Get More Business on Facebook and Instagram

You may have noticed that things change fast on Facebook! In the past couple of months Facebook have introduced a number of new services, including: #1 The Facebook podcasting platform (audio live through your Facebook page) #2 “Communities” – an old concept revisited – create a live community within your Facebook page (which is really…

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How to download your Facebook Live video as an MP4

Have you recorded a Facebook live and want to use the video elsewhere, for example on YouTube or LinkedIn? Here’s how to download your Facebook Live video as an MP4 Read my post here on getting the embed file for your website Here’s how to download the MP4 file itself: #1 Find your live stream video…

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How understanding your Audience can increase your sales on Social Media

Taken from this week’s Facebook Live on the Modern Marketing Spark Facebook page, How understanding your Audience can increase your sales on Social Media is taken from a presentation I delivered at a networking meeting recently, where the challenge was to talk about “Audience” using 20 slides, for 20 seconds each.   You can view…

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the power of masterminding

The Power of Masterminding

THE POWER OF MASTERMINDING Masterminding is such a powerful concept. It’s being part of mastermind groups that has helped to power my business forward. I left a recent mastermind group feeling so fired up, and inspired, and with a plan to completely revolutionise my business. Very exciting. BIG LEARNING LESSON  Let me share a real…

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Two Essential Elements for Successful Marketing

Yesterday was really interesting – I was invited to help shortlist applications for a local business award. As you can imagine the businesses represented covered the whole gamut from solopreneur start-ups to larger established businesses. So what has this got to do with the essential elements for successful marketing? Looking at how these businesses were…

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vanity metrics

Why – and how – I’ve deleted two thirds of my email list

Are your numbers real or Vanity Metrics? Looking at the numbers – and realising how much my business has evolved over the past four years – I realised there was a lot of dead wood on my email list. It’s what’s known as “vanity metrics” – because you feel good telling people you have “thousands…

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6 Smart Ways To Automate Your Marketing

As busy business owners we want to get as much out of our marketing as possible without spending 24/7 writing blogs or networking in Facebook groups. Because life’s too short – and there are multiple other jobs to do when you run  your own business – but we know that marketing is important. What’s the…

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Why I became an entrepreneur (true story)

There’s often a trigger that precipitates our entrepreneurial journeys – and I’m no exception. Here’s a recent Facebook Live where I shared my story, warts and all! (p.s. I would love to hear your story too)

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online income quiz

Are you ready to make an extra $5k pcm online? Take the Quiz and Find out!

Are you working hard in your business and ready to scale up your income? Creating online income funnels is a great way to increase your income without working harder. Using automation and the power of leverage you can create one product or program and set up a “marketing machine” to continually bring in new sales.…

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facebook famous

Get Facebook Famous and Generate More Fans, Engagement and Sales

Connect On Facebook Powered by the Simple Social Press Get Facebook Famous PREFER TO READ – TRANSCRIPTION: Get Facebook Famous.mp4 [00:00:02] Welcome to Modern Marketing Spark. Today’ we’re going to talk about getting famous on Facebook. Some of the benefits that you can achieve for your business on Facebook. And I’m going to take you…

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