Create an extra day a week in your business

Would you like to literally create time? You can if you use even just one of the principles I share in this week’s Facebook live…

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Do you ever feel stuck in your business or wonder why things keep going wrong?

I used to feel the same until I discovered the Upper Limit Problem. Then all my procrastination, self-sabotage and things mysteriously going wrong all of a sudden started to make sense. You know that feeling when you know what you have to do, you’ve got your day planned out. You know your priorities and “important”…

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Customers are like tomatoes

Your customers are like tomatoes

Did you know your customers are like tomatoes? Once you understand the customer journey you can 10x your sales. Are you using the same marketing message for all your communications and treating everyone the same? Thinking about what you have to offer, rather than where your customer are at? Watch this week’s FB Live where…

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Get Facebook Famous If You Want To Increase Sales Online

Trying to sell on Social Media is tough because people are on Facebook (for example) for a bit of light relief, and entertainment. Not to buy your stuff! But if you establish authority and build up a following, then it’s a different story. It’s what I call getting Facebook Famous. In this video you’ll learn…

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using Facebook live

Using Facebook Live to pre-sell, build buzz and launch with ease

Have you thought about using Facebook Live as part of your content strategy and launch? People often ask me how they can get better results on Social Media, and how to launch their new programs and services. The biggest tip I can give is not to sell “cold”. So then the question is, how do…

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irresistible offer

How To Nail Your Irresistible Offer (Like the Co-op)

Do you know how to nail your irresistible offer so you can easily increase sales? Sometimes you find inspiration outside of your usual world. That’s exactly what happened to me this week. In the midst of World Cup fever, the Co-op (our local supermarket) launched a no-brainer offer. There are some great lessons to be…

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how to increase sales from within your existing Facebook community

How to increase sales within your existing Facebook community

I met with some potential new marketing partners this week and one thing that came up in conversation was how clients are always so focused on getting new leads. As an agency our remit is often to expand their reach, get more followers, test more interests with Facebook ads, and find more potential clients. And…

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Context v Content – Why your Facebook posts aren’t effective

You might be wondering why your social media posts aren’t effective?  How come others can post anything and get tons of traction, and you struggle to even get noticed, let alone any engagement. What’s the problem? In this week’s Facebook Live (watch the replay below) we’re talking about how to make your Social Media posts more…

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How to Increase Engagement on your Facebook page

Watch this week’s Facebook Live* for tips on How to Increase Engagement on your Facebook page Are you busy posting content on Social Media but not making sales? Let’s talk about it… In this Facebook Live broadcast I cover: + The 3 biggest challenges entrepreneurs face when using Social Media to grow their biz  +…

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How To Generate Sales from Facebook

Are you wondering how to generate sales from Facebook? That was the topic of this week’s Facebook Live (join me every Tuesday on my FB page or in my free Facebook Group, The Modern Marketing Club) at 2.30pm UK, 9.30am EST for the latest Social Media updates, tips and tricks! So for the latest tips…

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