irresistible offer

How To Nail Your Irresistible Offer (Like the Co-op)

Do you know how to nail your irresistible offer so you can easily increase sales? Sometimes you find inspiration outside of your usual world. That’s exactly what happened to me this week. In the midst of World Cup fever, the Co-op (our local supermarket) launched a no-brainer offer. There are some great lessons to be…

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how to increase sales from within your existing Facebook community

How to increase sales within your existing Facebook community

I met with some potential new marketing partners this week and one thing that came up in conversation was how clients are always so focused on getting new leads. As an agency our remit is often to expand their reach, get more followers, test more interests with Facebook ads, and find more potential clients. And…

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Context v Content – Why your Facebook posts aren’t effective

You might be wondering why your social media posts aren’t effective?  How come others can post anything and get tons of traction, and you struggle to even get noticed, let alone any engagement. What’s the problem? In this week’s Facebook Live (watch the replay below) we’re talking about how to make your Social Media posts more…

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How to Increase Engagement on your Facebook page

Watch this week’s Facebook Live* for tips on How to Increase Engagement on your Facebook page Are you busy posting content on Social Media but not making sales? Let’s talk about it… In this Facebook Live broadcast I cover: + The 3 biggest challenges entrepreneurs face when using Social Media to grow their biz  +…

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How To Generate Sales from Facebook

Are you wondering how to generate sales from Facebook? That was the topic of this week’s Facebook Live (join me every Tuesday on my FB page or in my free Facebook Group, The Modern Marketing Club) at 2.30pm UK, 9.30am EST for the latest Social Media updates, tips and tricks! So for the latest tips…

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Why Less is More in Digital Marketing (the 80/20 Rule)

How is your GDPR prep going? With only 2 weeks to go until the 25th May deadline….   You’ve probably had (or sent) a flurry of “Do you still want to be on my list” or “please unsubscribe” emails  Updated your privacy policy  Checked that your ad campaigns (and custom audiences) and website forms, are…

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Is your Marketing GDPR Ready?

Is your Marketing GDPR ready? You can’t have failed to notice the GDPR deadline looming on 25th May. Some are making a real meal of this and others have their heads in the sand. I recommend you at least get the basics in place and cover your behind in case of zealot GDPR “by the…

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What’s Working in Social Media Today?

The big question of the moment is What’s Working in Social Media Today? You may have heard that Wetherspoons (a big pub/restaurant chain in the UK) recently deleted all 900 of its Social Media accounts. It’s interesting that a year ago they also deleted their entire customer database too! They’re going to rely on their website…

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Boost your email open rates with emojis

Boost your email open rates with emojis Whatever you think of emojis, studies show that using emoji’s in ad copy improves click through rates and conversions. And now you can use them in your emails too! We were prompted to look at emoji’s in subject lines on receiving this email from ActiveCampaign (our email provider…

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facebook famous

How To Get Facebook Famous and Attract 10K clients

So you want to get Facebook Famous?  🙄 You’re busy so if you want the quick guide you can grab the handy checklist and skip the rest! A wise man once said – there are two aspects to success online. There is content (the information you share) and context (your credibility, influence and impact in your…

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